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RE: Anchor rods -- ASTM F 1554

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Title: RE: Anchor rods -- ASTM F 1554

>....One engineer concluded, "We should make grade 55 our standard,
>and require the weldability supplement, since this is the only way to make
>the rods weldable."  My interpretation was, "Grade 36 anchor rods are
>intrinsically weldable, therefore there is no weldability supplement for
>that material.  If you want Grade 55 rods and want them to be weldable, you
>must specify the weldability supplement."  Which of these interpretations is
>correct -- or are neither?

ASTM F1554 Grade 36 is the best default at this point. I originally recommended in the article you mentioned that F1554 Grade 55 with the weldability supplement should be preferred, based upon input from anchor-rod suppliers. However, I've since learned that the lead times on the special-order weldability supplement make it a longer lead time product -- long enough that it's hard to get within the usual time demands to have the anchor rods on the site for installation in the foundation work. Both are available, but ASTM F1554 Grade 36 is available faster in all cases. As a result, I modified my recommendation as you noted in my SEAINT email to say use F1554 grade 36 as a default and consider Grade 55 weldable if you know you can get it in time.

And you're correct, ASTM F1554 grade 36 is weldable.