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Fw: Film for glass windows

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hank you, I am registered on the list so willtry to post this message again.
Gerry Buydens
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Sent: February 27, 2001 9:33 AM
Subject: Re: Film for glass windows

At 02/15/01 05:45 PM, you wrote:
I am running into a bit of a problem when attempting to specify the correct
window film to use to provide protection during an earthquake. I am aware of
3 or 4 suppliers, each have a number of claims but I can not get a generic
specification from any of them so they can bid on basically the same
product. I am also not sure of what is the correct weight of material for
the task, as one suppliers tells me 4 mil is sufficient; another indicated 4
mil is inadequate and 7 mil is required. Have any of you any specs for this
product. Also have any of you specified certain performance specs. Any
information you might have with window film would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Gerry F. Buydens, P.Eng
Seismic Mitigation Branch
Government of British Columbia
Victoria, BC

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