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RE: IBC in California

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The Pasadena ordinance was discussed at last week's ICBO Los Angeles Basin
Chapter Monthly Meeting, attended by Pasadena Building Official Bob Fowler,
PE, AIA and Stan Nishimura, Executive Director of the California Building
Standards Commission.  For more information, please view our 2/2001 business
meeting minutes:

Rick Becker, PE
ICBO-LABC Webmaster

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Subject: RE: IBC in California

The California building standards commission is apparently going to discuss
an action item on March 7 in regard to asking for the Attorney General
opinion on the Pasadena ordinance.

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	What's happening lately with the IBC in California??  I read that
the City
	of Pasadena, CA passed an ordinance that allows a designer to use
the IBC as
	an approved alternate method of design.  Opinions?

	I thought things were already confusing...but this has some real

	Tom VanDorpe