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RE: ASCE 7-93 Wind Design

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The ASCE7-93 and ASCE7-88 wind loads are the same.  The big difference, as
you mentioned, is between 7-93 and 7-95 when the winds changed from fastest
mile winds to 3 second gusts.

You are also correct in that the current NC code (1996) refers to ASCE7-93
for wind loads...

Greg Effland, P.E.

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Subject: ASCE 7-93 Wind Design

I am designing a building in North Carolina.  The current NC code
requires the wind loads be calculated using ASCE 7-93.  I have a 7-88 and
a 7-95, but not a 7-93.  I know there was a drastic change between 7-93
and 7-95 for wind loads.  Can somebody who has the 7-88 and 7-93 code let
me know if there is a major difference in calculating the wind loads
between these codes?

Thanks for your help.

Rich Lewis
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