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Plywood Diaphragm Deflections

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ATC produced some documents about 15 years ago on diaphragm analysis and deflection.
I do no remember the number (ATC ##) but their phone number in California is 650-595-1542. 
The report does not have alot of info on unblocked, but for that you may want to email APA, they or someone they know have been testing unblocked diaphragms and I have hear some guidance to the use of ATC ## analysis for unblocked diaphragms.

Williston "Bill" L. Warren, IV - S.E.
Structural Engineering SOLutions
Newport Beach, California
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Subject: Plywood Diaphragm Deflections

Does anyone know where I can find a good reference for unblocked plywood
diaphragm deflections (if there is one).  I typically use 3.5 to 4 for an
upper limit aspect ratio but I have a project where I want to compute the


Christopher E. Daniels
Larson Design Group