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Re: Wood Frame Shrinkage - LSL

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Yes, TimberStrand LSL is a great material for wall framing and for the top and bottom plates. The material is produced and shipped at around 6-8% moisture content, which is typically the equilibrium moisture content of wood products in a "lived in" structure (conditioned spaces with the heat or AC on). The shrinkage so common with dimension lumber comes from the water loss from 15-19% m.c. (kiln dried material) down to the 8% final, in use m.c.  Engineered lumber doesn't have the high initial m.c. and therefore, doesn't shrink during the first heating or cooling season like dimension lumber. 

Mike Perakis, P.E.
Trus Joist
Great Lakes Regional Engineer

>>> EmeryO(--nospam--at) 02/28/01 01:52PM >>>

Does anyone have experience in using engineered wood products such as LSL in
a plate application.  We are considering this for the top and bottom wall
plates in a 5 story wood building in which we wish to limit total
shrinkage/settlement due to an adjacent steel framed component.  The rim
boards and blocking are also LSL.  The material is advertised as being very
dimensionally stable, but I have not seen it used it for wall plates before.

Emery Ojala, S.E.