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RE: 6.2+ earthquake in Seattle

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Well, we seem to have survived well enough at CT Engineering in Seattle.
Our 3 story wood frame building rolled around for awhile, our drawing file
drawers fell over, but the bookcases stayed put ( I did have my hand on my
bookcase as it was showing signs of falling over).  No gypboard wall cracks,
no ceiling tiles fell in our office, but some fell in adjacent office.
Employees were reasonably aroused, but have settled down now.  Most are off
to check their homes for damage. 

The older buildings in Pioneer Square apparently suffered damage with
masonry walls failing.  We have one engineer off to an architects office to
examine some beams which were displaced and 1/4" cracks in the unreinforced
masonry infill walls.  I have heard of some road closures, one of which is
due to some grating that fell out.

Charlie Griffes

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> It has been reported on CNN that the magnitude is 7.0  The CNN clip shows
> people in panic.  Is there any body in Seatlle that can give more info on
> what is the extent of Damage being reported localy??
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> >   News being shown in So. Cal. shows alot of used  brick in the streets
> >from the unreinforced brick buildings. 
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