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Re: Foundation

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I would suggest that if you cast an overlay, you are only going to be able to
resist the moment in one direction, ie, if you need bottom bars, this won't
While it may reduce the moment needed by the bottom bars, this moment will
always be larger than the moment plus the originally designed for axial load,
your mat will always be overstressed.  However, I can't offer a better solution.

You could try adding steel beams designed for the entire moment transfer, and
pouring them in, but that will get VERY $$.
Good Luck

Boh Jaw Woei wrote:

> Dear members,
> In my office, there's an engineer who has designed a pad foundation
> (consider the column as well)
> using axial load only. The foundation has been cast and now it is found that
> there will be actually a big moment  induced to the column due to the
> loading of the ground beams.  Is there any remedial options at this moment.
> I am thinking of increasing the size of the footing by casting an reinforced
> overlay
> to the foundation to take the moment. Is this option feasible? Thanks for
> any comments and advice.
> jw