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cast iron plumbing spiders in concrete slabs

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I work for CECO Concrete Construction, a nationwide contractor specializing
in concrete construction.  We execute over 40 million square feet of
buildings annually, working as a subcontractor to national, regional, and
local general contractors.  As far as I know we have only encountered these
plumbing spiders in the Chicago area.  Feel free to call our district office
in Chicago, they have had extensive experience constructing multi-story
concrete buildings with the plumbing spiders and can advise you on all
potential structural and construction problems.

	Phil Diekemper
	CECO Concrete Construction, Chicago

We are proud to offer our unmatched construction experience, free of charge,
to Structural Engineers designing concrete structures.  We offer you the
Design Consultation:  Ceco will evaluate the preliminary design and offer
suggestions as to the
most cost effective cast-in-place structural system available to meet your
needs.  If a preliminary design has not been completed, Ceco can offer that
system best suited for the project.  All we need is a building footprint,
proposed loads, and clear story height requirements to get started.
Cost Analysis:  Ceco will prepare budget cost information to ensure that the
system chosen is
           the most effective.
Early involvement with Ceco in the pre-planning phase results in reduced
construction costs and shortened schedules.  Please visit our website for
more information:

Mike Dastrup
Construction Engineer
CECO Concrete Construction
184 E. Gordan Lane
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
ph: 801-261-0600
fax: 801-261-0609