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FW: Foundation

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Not sure what you mean by "ground beams".  Also, the big moment induced in
the column at the footing is based on what type of loading (ie gravity,
wind/seismic)?  Finally, how is it that you are concluding that a big moment
will be manifested at the column/footing interface, are you assuming a fixed
column base?  Right now, it doesn't sound like it will actually happen,
since the footing lacks the capacity to resist it (without modification, of
course).  What will happen if you don't do anything?  If the column is
assumed as pinned at the base, does the system still work?  Finally, if the
system still works OK assuming a pinned column base, what will be the
consequences of yielding in this region?

Just a few comments, but it would be helpful if you could elaborate a bit.

T. Eric Gillham PE

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Subject: Foundation

Dear members,

In my office, there's an engineer who has designed a pad foundation
(consider the column as well)
using axial load only. The foundation has been cast and now it is found that
there will be actually a big moment  induced to the column due to the
loading of the ground beams.  Is there any remedial options at this moment.

I am thinking of increasing the size of the footing by casting an reinforced
to the foundation to take the moment. Is this option feasible? Thanks for
any comments and advice.