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RE: Seattle Earthquake

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Well...the local news interviewed two of our licensed structural engineers
for our local broadcast.

Sharon Robertson Bonds, PE
Salerno/Livingston Architects
363 Fifth Avenue, Third Floor
San Diego, California  92101
(619) 234-7471

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	Speaking of architects getting more than their fair share of praise
from the
	media, I was perturbed by the fact that MSNBC had the president of
AIA on
	the air last night during their coverage of the earthquake to
	'structural' issues (e.g., structural performance of bldgs in the
	advances in bldg code to make structures more resistant to quakes,
	AIA Prez even had time to mention that AIA dispatches members to
	on quake recovery teams.  As a matter of fact, I don't believe I
	"structural engineer" mentioned all night long on any of the various
	channels I was flipping amongst.  Talk about stealing our thunder!  

	Glen Pappas, P.E.   

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	Subject: Seattle Earthquake

	Keep dreaming.  If anyone in the design industry gets any brownie
	from the media because of low damage statistics it will be the

	> Perhaps the excellent performance of most newer Washington state
	> buildings will elevate the status of the SEAW and its members?  :)

	> Paul Crocker, P.E.