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RE: Foundation

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Title: RE: Foundation


If you design the ground beams to take all the moment instead of transferring it to the foundation then you don't need to do anything to the poured footing.

If you think it is more expensive to modify the superstructure then you can retrofit the foundation but making sure that all stresses are considered.

Bear in mind that with the added moment, you need larger bearing area.  You might not necessarily need a deeper footing, so overlaying above the cast footing might not help you much. But if you need deeper footing, make sure of the bonding between the old and new cast concrete.

Hope this might help.

Alfonso S. Quilala Jr., P.E.

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Subject: Foundation

Dear members,

In my office, there's an engineer who has designed a pad foundation
(consider the column as well)
using axial load only. The foundation has been cast and now it is found that
there will be actually a big moment  induced to the column due to the
loading of the ground beams.  Is there any remedial options at this moment.

I am thinking of increasing the size of the footing by casting an reinforced
to the foundation to take the moment. Is this option feasible? Thanks for
any comments and advice.


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