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Re: Foundation Program: STADD vs. SAFE

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I was thinking I received an advertisement from RISA that they had come out with a new matt foundation design module. I just went to their web site and apparently it hasn't been released yet. Anyone else hear something about this new module from RISA?
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Subject: Re: Foundation Program: STADD vs. SAFE

No, STAAD does not have a module comparable to SAFE. And yes, $1 is expensive for STAAD.



"Lao, Larry" wrote:


I appreciate all the responses. It seems to me that there are many offices using SAFE, and are happy with the program. However, none of the STADD users replied. It leads me wonder that either STADD does not have a module which is comparable to SAFE, or no user is using that module. The reason I want to hear the opinions from current STADD users is that we might be able to get STADD at a discount rate. However, if the program is no good for us, $1 is expensive.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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    Our office has used SAFE since the version 5 days, and we are quite happy with the program.  As mentioned in another posting, it does require a fair amount of computing power, particularly when no tension problems are being run.

    The design features are very helpful, and the concurrent interface (SAFE, ETABS and SAP used to be batch programs requiring you to run them in DOS and then switch to Windows to view the results) is great.  I highly recommend the program, and CSI is very helpful with their customer support as well.

    My 2 cents.

    T. Eric Gillham PE
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    Subject: Foundation Program: STADD vs. SAFE

    We are considering purchasing a computer foundation program that can do concrete mat foundation and slab designs. I would like to hear from current users which one you would recommend to purchase, their pros and cons.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Larry Lao, PE

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