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FW: Foundation Program: STADD vs. SAFE

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Title: Foundation Program: STADD vs. SAFE
SAFE handles ONLY out of plane moments and forces, so no moment about the z axis (torsion).  I have never encountered a limit on the number of loads, although I am sure there is one.  It uses an out of core solver so the limiting factors will be your computer and the available hard drive space.  In other words, you could probably put as many loads as you needed, but the solution may take quite a while and it will result in VERY large files.
One of the best features is the no tension solution, although it too takes quite a while if there are numberous loads.
In answer to your question, YES multiple columns with biaxial moments and axial loads are what this program was made to handle.
Rather than act as an agent for CSI (unless they are willing to pay me, Ahraf??????) I would suggest that you visit their website ( and look over what CSI has to offer.  If you have any other specific questions, though, I would be happy to answer them if I can.
T. Eric Gillham PE
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Subject: Re: Foundation Program: STADD vs. SAFE

What quantity of  column loads can be applied to a matt?
Can multiple columns be simultaneously loaded about x,y & z axis?
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Subject: FW: Foundation Program: STADD vs. SAFE

Our office has used SAFE since the version 5 days, and we are quite happy with the program.  As mentioned in another posting, it does require a fair amount of computing power, particularly when no tension problems are being run.
The design features are very helpful, and the concurrent interface (SAFE, ETABS and SAP used to be batch programs requiring you to run them in DOS and then switch to Windows to view the results) is great.  I highly recommend the program, and CSI is very helpful with their customer support as well.
My 2 cents.
T. Eric Gillham PE 
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Subject: Foundation Program: STADD vs. SAFE

    We are considering purchasing a computer foundation program that can do concrete mat foundation and slab designs. I would like to hear from current users which one you would recommend to purchase, their pros and cons.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Larry Lao, PE