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Fw: Coped beams

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Title: RE: Anchor rods -- ASTM F 1554
Checking the connections I found a following problem with top and bottom cope of the beam.
Beam is W24x55, L=18'-3, A992
Copes are:
top: 3 x 6 7/8 deep
bottom: 3 x 4 3/4 deep
In the Connections Manual vol.II - Appendix B on the page B-4 one find the top and bottom cope depth limitation to 0.2 d.
On the page B-10 there is other example, with deeper copes and condition 0.2 d is not even checked.
I suppose I miss something.
What are the limitations? What checking algorithme has to be applied? What has to be checked and what kind of reinforcement has to be applied for yielding and what for buckling?
I feel a little bit confused with the explanations in the Manual.
I computed the beam capacity to 80.5 kips. Is it correct?
Need help. Has somone go by this and know what and how to do? Any suggestions will be appreciate.
John W.S. ing