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Cable-stayed bridges

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Dear friends,

My name is José and I'm from Perú. I've just graduated as a Civil Engineer and I'm preparing the work of thesis now.
I'm designing a cable-stayed bridge of about 238m with 2 towers and a central span of over 129m. I'd appreciatte any help from you in what concerns the design of the stays and details of connections and substructures.
I need someone to provide me some Autocad details or information concerning the reinforcement in the tower, connections at the towers and the stiffness girder, the type of steel in the stay, details of the joints and bearings, the analysis P-Delta, etc.

I'd appreciatte if you send me information or contact me to talk about anyone of this topics. Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

José Velásquez

_________________________________________________________  Gratuito, latino y en español.