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Re: Historic lumber grade

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Check the Western Wood Products Associates and other grading sources.

Your wood member is a TIMBER, and if it select #1, it is a structural grade of  'appearance' quality.
It does not get any better!
But please check the denseness and orientation of the grain, the number of imperfection and knots,
where located and how far apart.
You should find some standards in UBC part 3.
Incidentally, I have found 40 year old lumber far superior than what the lumber yards are now offering.


Tsuyoshi Ty Bunden wrote:

We have a project which was probably built over 40 (?) yrs ago.  Existing drawings indicate the following notation used for an 8x16 wood member: 8x16 Sel #1.O.P. Com Does anyone know what this means or its structural properties?  I am not sure if it is actually #1 or #L??