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RE: Drilled pier foundation

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Although this depends on your region, the section that you quoted does come
with the following caveat: "except for structures in regions of high seismic
risk or assigned to high seismic performance categories".  Additionally, ACI
318 1.1.5 is not included in the UBC, so the local inspector's comfort level
with this exception may vary.  It would be a good idea to establish what
level of comfort that your local jurisdiction has with the procedure.  As
has been noted by other posters, it is probably okay for specialized
procedures and it is frequently done by some contractors, but you may want
to verify that and not risk having an inspector who hasn't seen it before
shut down your job.  Some inspectors can be very arbitrary about procedures
that have not dealt with before, particularly when they may notice an
apparent (but perhaps not actual) violation of code.  Your piling contractor
can probably be of assistance in this matter.  My point should not have been
to make it sound like it is banned, but something you should put some
thought into.  A good contractor (as with everything else) is important.  

Paul Crocker, P.E.  

"ACI 318 and UBC Chapter 19  pertain to structural concrete.  ACI 318
Section 1.1.5 specifies that ACI 318 does not govern design and installation
of portions of concrete piles and drilled piers embedded in ground.  The
commentary on Section 1.1.5 references a report by ACI Committee 543,
"Recommendations for Design, Manufacture and Installation of Concrete

>>> paulc(--nospam--at) 03/06/01 03:36PM >>>
Yes, there is a chance of that happening.  Futhermore, if you are in an area
governed by the UBC or ACI 318 setting of reinforcement after the concrete
is placed is forbidden by code (UBC 1907.5.1).  

Paul Crocker, P.E.

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Subject: Drilled pier foundation

Drilled pier foundations have reinforcement (vertical
bars + ties or spirals) in the upper few feet of the
piers. Recently, I heard that it is common for the
construction folks to place the pier concrete and then
push a preassembled cage of reinforcement through the
concrete. Does this method guarantee that the rebar
can be placed reasonably close to the way it is
detailed on the drawing? Is'nt there a good chance
that the rebar may be bent and mangled?


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