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RE: Base Plates

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Title: RE: Base Plates

We have found that the best way structurally and construction wise is to put a nut on each side of the baseplate (see below).  The nuts on the bottom can then be used to level the plate and plumb the column.  Once the column is plumb then inject grout under the plate.  Do not let them place the grout first.  The column will not be plumb either because the grout is not as level as they think; the column sinks into the grout; or they disturb the grout when placing the column.

(Warning ASCII graphics - use a monospace font if lines do not align)

        ||     || Column
        ||     ||
        ||     ||
   ||   ||     ||   ||
  X||X  ||     ||  X||X    Top nut - placed after column is plumbed
|  ||               ||  |  Baseplate
  X||X             X||X    Bottom nut for leveling
   ||               ||

Mark Jones
Structural Engineer

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From: Nacionales Alex [mailto:acnacionales(--nospam--at)]

I am the Owner's engineer for a four storey steel
framed school building. I need your input on the
best construction method to place base plates on
non-shrink grout.
The contractor wants to place the non-shrink grout
first then place the base plates.

I think it should be that the base plates be fixed
and leveled firtst and the grout injected afterwards.
The only problem is how to make sure all the voids are
filled with the grout.

Thanks in advance.

Alex C. Nacionales
Civil Engineer