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RE: drywall type shearwalls- l

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The 2000 IBC  Table 2306.4.5 footnote c indicates drywall screws are
permitted to be substituted for 5d and 6d cooler nails for wood stud -
gypsum wall board shear walls.

The IBC Table 2306.4.5 footnote a and the UBC Table 25-i footnote 1require a
50% reduction of table values for shearwalls resisting seismic loads in high
seismic zones.

IBC Table 2211.1 and 1997 UBC Table 22-VIII-B only allow gypsum wall board
on steel stud shear walls to resist wind loads and not seismic loads.

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> Subject:	drywall  type shearwalls-  l
> In the past, we have always used plywood or metal strap brcg for
> shearwalls--
> But now we have a project where we HAVE to use drywall on metal studs as
> The
> Shear Resisting system .
> So my questions  run like this:
> 1.  How many Structurals out there feel comfortable using drywall for
> lateral (shear) resistance ?   {esp for seismic forces?___}
> 2.  ICBO lists tables where 100 plf seems to be a typical value :    a) Is
> this conservative or "liberal"?__________
> b)  Doesn't aspect ratio influence this number?_________?           c)
> What
> is the best design aid/reference for this system?
> 3.  Is metal stud stronger or no different from wood stud?
> 4.  Table seems to be based around wood studs using "cooler" nails--
> what's
> this ??
>      I have metal studs-- I assume  ordinary drywall screws are OK?
> 5.  Are there some (major) unwritten Do's and Don'ts with this system?
>      (I will put this into a spec--   Does anybody have spec or design
> expl
> they can fax me ?/
>           my fax is 859_278-6060 attn David )
> Thanks in advance for ANY input--
>  P.S.  I need it ASAP