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More Free Internet Home Security

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As y'all must know by now, I am a firm believer in safe surf.  For the last
two or three years, my favorite antivirus program at home has been
InoculateIT Personal Edition freeware from Computer Associates.  If you
update the virus signatures every week (more-or-less), this software
provides excellent virus protection.  If you don't yet have this software,
go check it out at:  

However, InoculateIT Personal Edition doesn't quite do everything.  If you
receive an email attachment with a VBS or EXE file attachment (or even an
embedded, inline file) and open it in a thoughtless moment, your computer is
instantly at high risk.  If the worm or virus then propagates through your
address book, as most now do, you will soon be embarrassed to learn that you
have unwillingly forwarded the infection to all of your (former) friends and

Late last night, quite by accident, I discovered that Computer Associates
has been offering simple and free solutions to these two problems for about
a year now!

The first, inbound problem can be solved with eTrust Content Inspection
Personal Edition.  You can read all about it and download it (like I did)

The second, outbound problem can be solved with eTrust Mailwatcher.  You can
read all about it, and download it (I haven't yet) at:

As the Internet continues to grow in size and popularity, it also becomes
more dangerous.  Play it safe, especially when the protection is free!


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Safe in Dallas