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Re: Bridge Live Load Distribution

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In India we design bridges for wheeled and tracked
loads (maximum effect of either).
first check the deckslab. calculate the effective
dispersion width of the load
Beff = (wid of track)+2*(thickness of wearing coat, if
any)+2*(eff depth of deck slab).
your deckslab spans over the girders. hence you span
is the girder spacing (clear distance). so you check
for unit width capacity of slab.
you can position your load so that it gives you
maximum moments (+ve and -ve). If your slab can take
these moments and the maximum shears than it is safe.

For checking girders. easiest would be by using
distribution factors like Courbon's (or more time
consuming grid analysis!) Check the worst position of
load and the corresponding moment/shear.

I hope it was clear. for further clarification, please
email me the details, i'll send calculations.


Arvind Salecha, BTech (IIT B), MS (OU, Norman)
Bridge Consultant.

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