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What version of ETABS are you running?  If you are using Version 7 (the latest) you should make sure you have the latest patch.  This particular release is very buggy due in part to the conversion from DOS to Windows. You should have patch 13.  We have finally managed to get the program to provide reasonable concrete design results with this latest patch. There are still problems but the answers are making sense.
If this does not help and you have a service agreement with CSI their technical support will help you debug your file.
Nick Blackburn, PE

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Subject: RE: ETABS Error

HELP!  While running a large three-dimensional model in ETABS, I encurred the following error message:
More than one constraint, restraint, and/or substructure external connection is applied to RZ at joint 13.
Has anyone encountered this error before and do you know how to resolve it.
Thank you for the help.
Greg Showerman