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Re: ETABS Error

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i also use sap2000 not etabs. it happens when you use both constraints
(slaving) and restraints(global) to the same dof. you may choose 
to use only one(constraint or restraint) and usually restraint command 
is sufficient in most cases, i believe.

i also find csi customer service is very helpful, you may contact them by
e-mail too.


>I don't have ETABS, but I have run into a similar error when running another
>CSI product, SAP2000. I think it happened because I tried to use both the
>constraint feature (slaving some nodes) and fixed restraints at some of
>these same nodes. I had to revise the model, but don't recall the details.
>The answer is probably buried somewhere in CSI's documentation, which at
>least for SAP, I find sometimes find less than crystal clear. Their tech
>support people are very helpful, why not give them a call?
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>Subject: RE: ETABS Error
>HELP!  While running a large three-dimensional model in ETABS, I encurred
>the following error message:
>More than one constraint, restraint, and/or substructure external connection
>is applied to RZ at joint 13.
>Has anyone encountered this error before and do you know how to resolve it.
>Thank you for the help.
>Greg Showerman