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Re: drywall type shearwalls- l

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why do you HAVE to use drywall as the shear resisting system. I cannot
envision any situation where you would have to do this. It is not
My advice is use plywood on the metal studs and then place gyp. board
over it.

Stan Scholl, P. E. FASCE
Laguna Beach, CA

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001 10:42:45 -0500 "dcarroll" <dcarroll(--nospam--at)>
> In the past, we have always used plywood or metal strap brcg for
> shearwalls--
> But now we have a project where we HAVE to use drywall on metal 
> studs as The
> Shear Resisting system .
> So my questions  run like this:
> 1.  How many Structurals out there feel comfortable using drywall 
> for
> lateral (shear) resistance ?   {esp for seismic forces?___}
> 2.  ICBO lists tables where 100 plf seems to be a typical value :    
> a) Is
> this conservative or "liberal"?__________
> b)  Doesn't aspect ratio influence this number?_________?           
> c) What
> is the best design aid/reference for this system?
> 3.  Is metal stud stronger or no different from wood stud?
> 4.  Table seems to be based around wood studs using "cooler" nails-- 
> what's
> this ??
>      I have metal studs-- I assume  ordinary drywall screws are OK?
> 5.  Are there some (major) unwritten Do's and Don'ts with this 
> system?
>      (I will put this into a spec--   Does anybody have spec or 
> design expl
> they can fax me ?/
>           my fax is 859_278-6060 attn David )
> Thanks in advance for ANY input--
>  P.S.  I need it ASAP