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Re: Lubrication for Sliding Connection

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A less expensive alternative to teflon bearings is to use Ultra High Molecular
Weight (UHMW) polyethelene. A quater inch thick plate placed between your HSS
and the seat should do the trick for light loads. You can drill holes in them
for the threaded studs to pass thru.  They last a long time and will not drip.

--Kipp A. Martin

John MacLean wrote:

>Does anybody have a recommendation for lubricating a sliding connection for
>a building expansion joint? It's basically an HSS beam sitting on a
>stiffened seat with two threaded studs to the u/s of the HSS tightened
>finger tight through slotted holes in the seat. I'm looking for a grease to
>specify on the top of the seat that will provide a bit of lubrication,
>prevent corrosion on the bearing surface, last a long time and not drip onto
>the ceiling below. The connection will be inside a building  in Northern
>B.C. and should be heated year round.

>John MacLean