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RE: handrail vert. spacing

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We typically use 4'oc in concrete unless there is room to provide a good
embed, ie not near an edge, plenty of depth.
The posts do not typically calc out at anything over 4'oc due to
architectural size constraints. 

I remember a discussion on the list six months or more ago about post
spacing. One of the list indicated familiarity with testing that had been
done to see what the limits were. I don't recall exactly what the results
were but it seemed that the systems tested performed in excess of what the
posts calc'd out at.  

Subjectively, The handrail/guardrail systems I have examined deflect
considerably less than a simple calc of the post and post/embed connection
would indicate.

Nick Blackburn, PE

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For pipe rail, meeting the 50 plf load requirement, I do not believe the
6 foot spacing will work. For the 200# load only, a 6 foot maximum
spacing should be OK.

Jim Kestner
Green Bay, WI