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Re: schoo l- roof snow 125 psf - top hung joist hangers over two layers existing gypsum wall board

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The engineer needs a good kick in the pants.  He SHOULD
know better.

Dan Goodrich, P.E.

> Scott,
> Top flange hangers are designed to be nailed to and bear on an appropriate
> solid wood material.  If the 2 layers of drywall extend up to the top of
> connection and compromise the bearing of the top flange hanger, then the
> connection should be re-designed.
> A ledger might work to support the hangers, but the ledger's connectors to
> the existing structure will need to be designed to handle the offset
> shear/bending situation created by the thickness of the drywall. Solid
> spacers could be added (imbedded into the drywall) to prevent the ledger
> connector's rotation and simplify the design (only if it is not a
> The engineer needs to take another look at the connection.
> Pat Clark, P.E.
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> Date: Friday, March 09, 2001 9:19 AM
> Subject: schoo l- roof snow 125 psf - top hung joist hangers over two
> existing gypsum wall board
> >I am a plan checker looking at plans for a school alteration.  The roof
> snow
> >load is 125 psf at the particular location. The plans have a detail where
> >new roof wood joists are being hung off an existing wall with Simpson top
> >hung joist hangers butted against 2 layers of existing gypsum wall board.
> >
> >The engineer says there is an existing similar condition at the school
> >is doing fine.  I told the architect just because it was done wrong
> >does not mean I am going to issue a permit for an incorrect new
> application.
> >The reason they are getting the permit is the roof collapsed in a
> >portion of the building.
> >
> >
> >Does Simpson have any guidelines on this type of application?   Has
> >had problems with this type of application?
> >
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