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Re: schoo l- roof snow 125 psf - top hung joist hangers over two layers existing gypsum wall board

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To All-

Lets see......125 psf snow load, seismic zone 4, this is a school, a portion of
the roof has already failed and the engineer wants to copy an obviously
questionable design detail just because the existing condition hasn't failed
yet.   HUH

Scott, you are absolutely correct in questioning the engineer.  If he can't back
up his design (he won't be able to) with rational calculations or with an ICBO
report, you shouldn't approve it.  The engineer and architect should be grateful
that you are doing your job.  If their roof were to collapse on my child, they
would not want to see me in court as the "expert witness".

By-the-way,  Scott has been the plan checker on several of my projects and I
have always been impressed by his professionalism and helpfulness.  I am very
glad to see him actively participating in this forum.  Although some engineers
my resent a plan check process that prevents them from doing whatever they darn
well please, I think most of us appreciate the important job that Scott and
other plan checkers like him are doing to protect lives and property.

Monty Hart
Associated Design Consultants, Inc.
Anchorage, Alaska

"Haan, Scott M." wrote:

> I am a plan checker looking at plans for a school alteration.  The roof snow
> load is 125 psf at the particular location. The plans have a detail where
> new roof wood joists are being hung off an existing wall with Simpson top
> hung joist hangers butted against 2 layers of existing gypsum wall board.
> The engineer says there is an existing similar condition at the school that
> is doing fine.  I told the architect just because it was done wrong before
> does not mean I am going to issue a permit for an incorrect new application.
> The reason they are getting the permit is the roof collapsed in a different
> portion of the building.
> Does Simpson have any guidelines on this type of application?   Has anyone
> had problems with this type of application?
> Scott M Haan  P.E.
> Plan Review Engineer
> Building Safety Division,
> Development Services Department,
> Municipality of Anchorage
> phone: 907-343-8183   fax: 907-249-7399
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