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RE: Seoul Factory

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Another instance of blatant American Code Imperialism . : )

>>>For Reinforced concrete design, we use Ultimate
Strength Design Method based on ACI 318-83. In my
opinion this is pretty much same as ACI code and it is
totally acceptable if you use ACI code for reinforced
concrete design.<<<<

It amazes me the prevalence of American construction codes in use in other

In the Philippines the structural code is a literal copy of the provisions
in the 1988 UBC.  

In Saudi Arabia they accept, and seem to prefer, US Codes in spite of  the
fact that the  British had great influence in the past.

A few engineering students go to college in the US, return to home country,
become responsible for major projects where they need to adopt technical
provisions, So they use the US codes that they are familiar with.

Note the number of foreign chapters of ACI.

American Imperialism is not dead it is just transformed. : )

Mark Gilligan
Berkeley, Calif.