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Re: Horizontal Shear for Bolted Connections in Glulam

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Here is a response from AITC.
With the recent changes in shear design values for glulam and the
forthcoming changes in shear design values for solid timbers and
dimension lumber, many provisions regarding shear in the NDS are going
to change, including the (formerly) allowed 50% increase in shear for
connections occurring at a distance of more than 5D from the end (D =
beam depth).  Additionally, AITC recommends that the tabulated design
value in shear for use with bolted connections be limited to 190 psi for
Douglas Fir-Larch glulam and 240 psi for Southern Pine glulam (rather
than the 240 psi for DF-L and 270 psi for SP that is allowed for shear
in beams (xx-axis bending) supported by bearing).  These changes will be
reflected in the 2001 edition of AITC 117-Design and, presumably, in the
upcoming edition of the NDS.

Jeff Linville
Manager, Technical Services
American Institute of Timber Construction

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Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2001 7:21 PM
Subject: Horizontal Shear in Glue-Lams

NDS has published increased values for horizontal shear in glue-laminated beams.  The new value is 240 psi for typical static and transient dead, live, snow, wind and earthquake loadings.  Can this value still be increased 50 percent when the shear load is away from the end of the beam.  Also, I assume that the load duration factors can still be applied.



Joseph R. Grill, PE