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Re: American Know-How

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This is indeed the way to do it.
I might also add that CSA S16 is a far better design standard than AISC.
Maybe NFPA will get their act together and follow the NBC model
I hope so.

Peter Higgins, SE

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>       Getting back to the National Building Code of Canada, my 1995
clearly states (in fine print, mind you) "Copyright National Research
Council of Canada 1995".  Section 4.3 Design Requirements for Structural
Materials takes up about two thirds of a page and essentially lists
C.S.A. standards which apply.  These include
for wood, CSA 086.1
for glued-laminated members, CAN/CSA 0177-M
for masonry, CSA S304.1
for steel, CSA-S16.1-M.
There is no duplication (or attempted improvement) of these in the code