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RE: Scour

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I've seen a large scour hole under a pier be filled with tremie concrete
which displaced water and filled the scour hole with concrete.  Concrete
bags filled with a dry mix specifically design for underwater applications
was used for a stay in place type form to control the flow of the tremie.
The bags were stacked in an overlapping manner and long dowels driven
through them after each level.  Large rip-rap was placed against sections of
stacked bags which appear vulnerable to blowout.  

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> Subject:	Scour
> I have a situation where a scour hole has developed under a flood control
> structure. The hole measures ten feet in depth and about 30 feet in
> length. The usual water depth is 7 feet. The gate is currently kept open
> because water flows under it. I have two questions:
> 1. Is there any method to repair this hole in the wet or will the bayou
> have to be cofferdammed to work in the dry?
> 2. Can someone point me to any good design guidelines for estimating scour
> so that the repair does not have to be repaired in the future. 
> I am working with a geotechnical engineer on this. The structure is
> supported on battered timber piles. The pile cap is 5 feet thick. The
> current in this bayou is normally very slow and sometimes reverses itself.
> Randy Russ, P.E.