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Re: FW: [AEC-Residential] Beach House Foundation

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If this house is on the ocean, does water come up under the house at high
tide or during big storms?   You would certainly have to be concerned about
scouring as well as corrosion problems.

Neil Moore, S.E.

>Any suggestions on which type of foundation needed for a beach house. The
>house will be elevated about 10 ft above grade and supported by 16"x16" cmu
>piers/columns. The pier are spaced 10 ft apart more or less. There will be a
>slab on ground. The client will have the capability of parking vehicles
>under the house. I'm thinking that I will have individual footings for the
>interior/outside piers (the wind load is take by the outside piers) with
>grade beams to tie everything together. The client does not want any brace
>bracing. The outside pier and footing will be design like a flag pole. Any
>suggestions or better ways of designing the foundations. Driven piles is not
>an option.
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