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ICBO ES has scheduled a hearing on Proposed Revisions to the Acceptance
Criteria for Expansion Anchors in Concrete and Masonry Elements (AC01) for
April 10, 2001.  Although the last revision of AC01 was effective on
February 1, 2001, more revisions have been proposed by Hilti.  Hilti is
recommending incorporation of ACI 355.2-00 test procedures.  The Acceptance
Criteria for Adhesive Anchors in Concrete and Masonry Elements (AC58) is
also on the agenda.  As with AC01, there have been a lot of revisions in the
last few years, and Hilti has proposed more--again citing ACI 355.2-00.  The
criteria and the proposed revisions can be downloaded at

Looking at the site, I don't see a link to
Hilti.  So, I get the impression that ACI 355.2 is a tactical attack by
Hilti against the rest of the fastener industry.  Has Hilti already
conducted testing per ACI 355.2 procedures for their European approvals?

If the test procedures aren't accepted by organizations such as ICBO ES,
then how can they be incorporated into the IBC?  I don't see anything about
ACI 355-2 mentioned in the agenda for the IBC 2001 Code Development Hearings
scheduled for March 19-29, 2001, in Portland, Oregon (see

Rex C. Donahey, PhD, PE
Composite Technologies Corporation

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It was reported by ACI that a manufacturer of anchors had filed suit
against ACI claiming restraint of trade and tried to prevent publication of
ACI 355.2.   Could you please tell us who that manufacturer was?

I would like to know what types of fasteners are not able to satisfy this

I would also like to understand the concerns that the members of the
committee had that lead then to invoke this requirement.

I should be noted that you can find the current draft of this standard in
the Feb 2001 edition of Concrete International along  with some history.

Mark Gilligan

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For those on the listserver that design post installed fasteners in
concrete, there are some major changes that are about to be adopted by ACI
that will wind up in the IBC.  ACI 355.2 Test Method for Evaluating the
Performance of Post-Installed Anchors in Concrete, has been adopted as a
provisional standard and is open for public comment only until May 1, 2001.

Check out for the complete standard and more info.

This Method will eliminate many types of fasteners that have been used
successfully for decades.  Basically, the provision requires that almost
anchor installations be able to pass testing in pre-cracked concrete.  This

includes cracks up to .020" through the centerline of the anchor.

Although this cracked concrete provision is certainly appropriate to some
critical anchorage situations, there are many more common applications that

have performed flawlessly for years that will have to be done at a much
higher cost.

There has been an incredible amount of discussion on this list-server about

the growing complexity of the building codes and how the practitioners
have an opportunity to speak out.  Maybe this will be the first exception.

Someone once wrote, "Where are the bodies."  I'd settle for "Where is the
damage."  More than a few months ago, another participant on the list asked

if anyone had any experience of a post installed anchor failure due to
cracking of concrete in a tension zone.  No responses from 15,000 (?)

Please contact ACI through the info on the website listed above if this
standard concerns you.

Howard Silverman, PE
Covert Operations, Inc.