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RE: 2001 CA SE Exam

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You  must have 36 months of qualifying experience by July (the filing date) of the year you plan to take the exam starting from the Date you took the PE exam and passed.

For example, I took and passed the April 1999 PE exam. By July 2002, I will have 38 months (counting May & June 2002) of experience beyond my successful test date (The day you took the test, not the day you got the pass letter). The SE exam is only offered in October in California, not every 6 months like the PE.

Hope that helps.

>>> bmarczewski(--nospam--at) 03/13/01 04:13PM >>>
Can someone tell me the time frame requirements to take exams I and II after
the general PE?

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Subject: 2001 CA SE Exam

I was looking at the CA PE Board's website at lunch and came across a
bulletin regarding the 2001 SE exam. 

As many of you know, (From SEAOC Newsletters & Post to the list from Ron
Hamburger) the format is supposed to change to the NCEES I, II, and a 3rd
part on Seismic Design by 2004. The bulletin states that in response to
this, they have changed the format somewhat from what the Western States SE
exam used to be. It might be useful to those planning to take the test to
review. I'm not sure how major these changes are.

One thing I found troubling was that certain questions will force you to use
either ASD or LRFD, not choose the one you want to use. Which requires you
to learn both.

>From what I understand, the state of Washington has already switched to
NCEES with a 3rd part for seismic. Can anyone confirm or deny this and
possibly tell us anything useful? I can't take the test until 2002, but I'm
beginning to scope out study aides and the like in preparation.


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