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RE: Structural Engineer: Cecil Balmond in Wired Magazine

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I was fortunate to have Felix Candela as a guest professor in 1972 at the U
of I Chicago Circle Architecture department. My only complaint was that he
did not speak English and it made it very difficult to understand what he
was trying to explain to us. At the time, we were designing Geodesic's when
Candela came in to explain his design of flat plate concrete roof
structures. To understand how the edges curled, he had us weaving 1x2 wood
pieces to see how the weaving forced the corners to rise.
I have to admit that I didn't appreciate who Felix Candela was at the time
he taught our Architectural Design class - not until I started reading more
of his accomplishments.
However, don't forget to add other greats to the field of engineering - some
of whom are still around. How many of us can complete engineering without
ever opening a text by Timoshenko or SEAOC's own Igor Popov. Talk about the
greats in engineering, we must never forget these fine men.


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Subject: Structural Engineer: Cecil Balmond in Wired Magazine

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Check out the April 2001 issue of Wired magazine, starting on Page 104.

Finally, some new recognition of a structural engineer making the
architect's buildings get built and even "enhancing" their designs!  I've
added this man to my personal list of great structural designers like
Corbu, Torroja, Candela and Nervi.

Neil Moore, S.E.