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RE: 2001 CA SE Exam

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The Structural I exam is now all multiple choice format just like many of
the other PE exam disciplines, some friends were taking it when I was taking
Structural II.  I have taken the Civil PE and both the Structural I and
Structural II exams in DE and I only have to retake the portion of the
Struct. II which I did not pass, so I think retaking only the portion you
did not pass is probably typical of many states, (it seems to be an NCEES
rule) but there may be differences in some states so I would check with the
state boards especially if you want to have one state proctor the exam for
another state, which some will do.

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I am not completely sure of the timing for taking the exams in Washington.
I believe that you take the Struct I exam first (on a Friday).  After you
pass that exam, you then come back at the next exam period and take the
Struct II on a Friday and the Struct III on a Saturday.

The Struct I when I took the exam was 4 hours of multiple guess and 4
hours of "short" answer problems.  The morning session was 4 problems that
were "short" answer in which you had to show your work and you could get
partial credit.  The afternoon session was 4 problems with 10 multiple
guess questions for each problem.  I believe that NCEES has changed the
format of the Struct I to all multiple guess.  I know this is true for the
Civil PE exam (a couple of friends just took it), so I assume the same is
true for the Struct I exam since it is essentially the structural PE exam.

The Struct II exam is two 4 hour written problems...partial credit and
show your work.  You do one in the morning session and one in the
afternoon.  The afternoon session WILL have seismic.  The seismic in the
afternoon session is generally on the order of a Zone 2a or 2b problem.
In Illinois, if you fail a problem on the Struct II exam you just have to
re-take that portion.  For example, if you fail the morning session but
pass the afternoon, then you only have to take the morning session again.

I believe the Struct III exam is "short" answer...that is partial credit
on your shown calculations.  I am sure someone who has take the exam will
either confirm that or correct it.  I believe that the exam is a 4 (or is
it 5) hour exam.

BTW, in Illinois, you take the Struct I exam on Friday and then the Struct
II the following Saturday (if you want).  And there is no Structural
III...that exam is a Washington specific exam.

Hope that helps,


On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Gerard Madden wrote:

> Scott,
> Do you know if you can take all three tests in one weekend. I think that
SE I is taken Friday & SE II is taken Saturday (both being 8 hours test
...???). Do you then come back Sunday for SE III  or is it separated? Is it
correct to assume that all of the questions are multiple choice on all three
> -Gerard