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Re: Just for fun - Battlebots

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Have you seen "Junkyard Wars" on TLC?

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Subject: Just for fun - Battlebots

> I can't imagine any engineer in our audience who would not be mesmerized
> the program on Comedy Central called "Battlebots". You can check out the
> online video clips at:
> For those who are not familiar with Battlebots, they are mechanical
> powered by remote controlled robotics that battle one another on an
> area with traps built into the floor. Some of the traps include lifting
> ramps to throw the Bot's off balance so as to disable them, other traps
> more fiendish and contain rotating titanium metal saw blades that come up
> from the floor to slice through these 200 pound plus machines.
> Each bot is a vehicle designed to strike at its opponents weak points
> electronics, hydraulics, structural mechanics and hybrid materials. The
> successful are low to the ground and wide based - designed to protect the
> weakest elements. The most successful is "Vlad the Impailer" which is more
> rectangular in shape, but uses a compressed C02 gas titanium (and razor
> sharp) "impailers" that jab and penetrate the opposing bot. Vlad then uses
> hydraulic system to uplift and drag it's opponent over the cutting blades
> the contest floor. More than 2000 hours went into the design and
> construction of Vlad whose builder stands outside of the high impact
> booth controlling the Battlebots movements by remote control. Bot owners
> pair off to do battle within the given space and in within a time limit.
> Bot's that make it unscathed are judged by a panel for aggressiveness and
> effective contact.
> I love this program. I saw the first one some months back and have been
> following the program since. As an engineer, I am amazed how my instinct
> mechanics or statics can be wrong when overcome by other stronger elements
> such as hydraulics. Still it is fairly easy to tell which machines will do
> the worst - those that have protrusions for protection that can be broken
> off and those where the wheels are vulnerable to damage from direct
> I highly recommend this program if only from the inventiveness of the
> robotics and the ingenuity of the designers who are sponsored by major
> companies who contribute to vehicle design.
> I'd like to hear from others who have seen this program - be prepared for
> something akin to the old Road Warrior Movies.
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