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RE: 2001 CA SE Exam

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WA has had a number of changes to their SE laws recently, and they are
tentatively planning to allow a qualified engineer to take the SE I, II, and
III all in one weekend this coming October only.  After that, it reverts
back to the more typical standard: you take the SE I first, then take the SE
II and III at the next session six months later, provided that you passed
the SE I.  For the October session only, the requirements to take the SE
tests will be the same as those for the PE, after that you will need 2 years
of experience following your PE to qualify to take the SE.  The following
web site can provide more information: 

Paul Crocker, P.E.

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Do you know if you can take all three tests in one weekend. I think that SE
I is taken Friday & SE II is taken Saturday (both being 8 hours test
...???). Do you then come back Sunday for SE III  or is it separated? Is it
correct to assume that all of the questions are multiple choice on all three