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RE: How to leave Seaint

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This one should work!


Thank you for your feedback. I have added the Unsubscribe link to the header section of the List server messages.

Shafat Qazi., P.E.

At 03/14/01 08:49 AM, you wrote:

I thought it is technically possible to just set up a hyperlink at the bottom of each SEAOC message, mailto:seaint(--nospam--at), use existing or write a program to capture the sender's email address, send it to the listserver mail list database file for update. Put a 3-day execution day and you'll be done with it (if this is done correctly the update can be real time)...... Nothing is more frustrating when someone just keep sending information you don't want. I think the technology is mature enough for SEAOC to give this freedom to all its members, domestic or international.

Of course we can keep leaving SEAOC a painful process so no one dears to try, but I think to be fair to the new members, we should put out a warning which reads something like this: BE CAREFUL! IT MAY TAKE MONTHS IF YOU CHOOSE TO LEAVE!!!

 Personally I really love this LISTSERVER format and benefit from it almost on a daily basis. I thank all the hard work that all the people involved to make what it is today. Of course, there is always room to improve, and here is one that really concerns lots of people. I hope this is still in the Constructive Suggestion category.