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RE: Just for fun - Battlebots

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Maybe so, but here is an example of creative engineering to overcome the
forces of impact and the attempt to incapacitate a mechanical device that
causes no pain or injury to anyone. It is also much more cerebral than
pro-wrestling when considering the challenge of mechanics and engineering.
If you haven't seen it - it's worth the time as they interview the creators
of the bots who explain why they chose the design that did and what they
expected to accomplish. There is much more to this than the brute strength
of one machine against the other and this is what amazes me.

I have not heard of the TLC program "Junkyard Wars". This may be the same as
a program I saw where a number of groups had less than ten hours to assemble
a flying device from scrapes found in a junkyard. The goal was to design,
build and place the machine into "manned" flight - the winner determined by
the amount of time the machine stayed in the air. This was another very good
one, but was only done once that I knew of. Battlebots is a weekly program
on Tuesday nights on Comedy Central.

Maybe it's just the kid in me that has not grown up. However, most of the
inventors of these bots are over 30 years old and many are in their 50's.


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>I can't imagine any engineer in our audience who would not be mesmerized by
>the program on Comedy Central called "Battlebots".
Mesmerized? Ish--It's like pro rasslin' without the clever patter.

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