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Re: Just for fun - Battlebots

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I've missed machine design ever since I left aerospace in '69. So BattleBots has
been very interesting to me. I've started building one, but it's still in the
PLOP stage (pile of loosely organized parts). I'll be in the pits at the San
Francisco event in May helping on someone else's  crew.
It's unfortunate that Comedy Central picked up the television rights.  Their
on-air "talent" has the combined IQ of a kumquat.  I usually just mute the sound
when they're talking.  Regardless, there is some very good design/machine work
on display.  They also have a very informative forum and the competitors are
even more helpful than the engineers in SEAOC.
It's too bad both my sons are grown, I could have used them as excuse to play
with this stuff. I guess I'm just a kid at heart.
Chuck Utzman