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Re: Just for fun - Battlebots

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Dear All, especially Dennis,

Junkyard Wars is on every Monday night at 8:00 pm on TLC and repeats on Sunday
early evening (5:00 or 6:00).  It is quit an interesting show.

Patrick Rodgers

Structuralist wrote:

> I have not heard of the TLC program "Junkyard Wars". This may be the same as
> a program I saw where a number of groups had less than ten hours to assemble
> a flying device from scrapes found in a junkyard. The goal was to design,
> build and place the machine into "manned" flight - the winner determined by
> the amount of time the machine stayed in the air. This was another very good
> one, but was only done once that I knew of. Battlebots is a weekly program
> on Tuesday nights on Comedy Central.