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RE: Wind drift requirement

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Normally, I would direct you to the building codes, specifically the general
ones, where you would look in section 16 (usually) and the applicable
material code (e.g. ACI318 for concrete) .  Your school should have a copy
of the applicable ones for the Chicago area.  However, in this case, you
won't find it there.  I know because I've looked MANY times.  The long
standing rule of thumb is h/400.  This is primarily based on serviceability
requirements, such as not popping off siding and keeping windows plumb.

Mark Jones
Jacobs Engineering

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help a my group out by providing some 
answers.  We our designing and analyzing a 1-story frame arch building.  It 
would be built in the Chicago land area.  We are having trouble determine
maximum drift and deflection for our building.  So if anyone could help us
with the criteria for it we would appreciate it.  Thank you,

Terence Lee