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The AEC-Residential Listservice is devoted to residential wood construction
and design. We try and alleviate some of the burden of this type of
discussion from the SEAINT listservice and do so by inviting others in the
industry to participate in the discussions. Among those who do participate
is Jay Crandell, PE who is with the NAHB-Research Council. Other members of
the professional community are participating on the AEC-Residential
Listservice as well.
It has been our desire to coordinate efforts on this list as well as on the
bulletin board discussion forum of the Structuralist.Net webservices with
those of the NAHB-RC and the current members of REACH and the PATH programs.
One of the things we have done is to post the documents for the work being
done on perforated shearwalls at Virginia Tech on our discussion forum.
While Jay Crandell has been very busy lately, he has shown interest in
uniting the efforts of REACH with the services offered on the
Structuralist.Net. However, we have not had the opportunity to discuss how
best to coordinate the effort so that SEA and all other professionals can
participate in work being done by multiple organizations for the benefit of
residential construction.
I would suggest that you joint the aec-residential Listservice (you can do
so automatically from our AutoList Webpage at:
and posing your questions there for Jay and others to respond to.

REACH had a listservice originally set up that did not generate the amount
or level of professional discussion anticipated. I have offered the
Structuralist.Net as a platform to help REACH along with this goal and to
allow those outside REACH to participate as well in the development of their
work. This would allow professionals to offer their experience and knowledge
without having to join REACH. However, I believe that it is a worthwhile
group that is seeking to standardize and simplify the design of residential

Please feel free to visit the to obtain links to various
NAHB documents and HUD files.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for: <>
AEC-Residential Listservice
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax
ICQ # 95561393

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Does anyone on these lists a member of REACH (residential engineers and
architects council on housing)? If so, have you found any benefit from
belonging to this organization? Could you offer any insight into what
they do? Any info would be great.

Aaron Burkhardt, PE
KPFF Consulting Engineers
Portland, OR