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Re: Rope way for river crossing

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We've designed some small suspension bridges using piles to support the
cables and buried deadman behind the poles.  We used wire rope for the main
cables and suspenders with a wood deck.  The poles were telephone poles
embedded into (in our case) fairly soft ground.  The deck was wood planking
and if I remember correctly, the planks were supported by double stringers
supported by the suspenders.  

What is going to use this crossing; people only, people and animals, light
vehicles, ect.?
Certainly need to decide what kind of rope to use.  You can do the basic
design of the bridge from the information provided in the USS Steel Wire
Rope Engineering Handbook.  It's has the formulas and illustrations for
determining the cable (wire or rope) forces.

Years ago we had to travel back and forth across a suspension bridge made
of vines.   The walking surface was just one mass of twisted vines, about
8" in diameter and the railings were about 4" in diameter.  The railings
were connected to the walking vine by single vines.  Everything cross this
"bridge", people, ants, and young surveyors who wouldn't ford the river.
It was also a toll bridge - about 1 cent per person.

Neil Moore, S.E.

At 03:15 AM 3/15/2001 -0800, harihar singh wrote:
>I am interested in knowing references for setting up a
>ropeway for crossing Satluj, a himalayan river. The
>river banks are quite steep. River width at the
>approach location is about 400feet. Rock quality is
>not very good to provide complete anchorage.
>DCDE, Hydro Engg. Deptt
>NTPC, Delhi.
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