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RE: Dome Analysis

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SAP2000 is a versatile program which should do what you want. On the plus
side, you can generate just about any kind of geometry using an Excel
spreadsheet and then import the data directly into SAP. The graphics are
very good. On the downside, I think you would just be able to do an analysis
with this program. It's basically a standard FEM and frame analysis package,
with bells and whistles. I found it took me forever to figure out how to
create my first shell model from CSI's documentation (unless you are doing a
problem EXACTLY like one of their tutorials. If you are generating your own
node geometry and shell element definitions, you need to pay very careful
attention to the syntax. Once you understand the program, however, it's a
good product.

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Subject: Dome Analysis

I need to model, analyze and design a reinforced concrete ellipsoid dome
that will support an existing unreinforced stone masonry roof over a
rectangular space.

What windows-compatible 3d structural analysis program would you recommend,
and why?

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer