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RE: 97 ubc section 1630.8.2.1

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I believe you are trying to determine "the maximum force that can be transferred to the element by the lateral-force-resisting system." per exception #1 of 1630.8.2.1.  This may allow you to use lower forces than omega (2.8) times the prescribed force. Our office just completed a similar design.  We could not find source for ultimate plywood shear wall capacities and designed everything for 2.8 times.
If anyone has more information on this topic, please share.
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Subject: 97 ubc section 1630.8.2.1

Hi everyone
I'm trying to design wood beam under shear wall
by Applying section 1630.8.2.1
my question is
what the max. force can  be used for shear wall  to calculate
the uplift If I used 2.8 the force will exceed the shear wall capacity
and there is no publication to find the max. force can be transferred by the
shear wall
can I take the capacity of shear wall tables as max. force ?
thanks in advance for your input