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RE: 1950 Rebar

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Ah yes an opportunity to blow off a little dust from my books and from
between my ears.

The ASTM Designation for this steel is A15.  Bar was provided as plain or
deformed.  Either were broken down into 3 grades of steel with properties
listed below:

Grade:                            Structural      Intermediate      Hard
Tensile strength (ksi):         55 to 75         70 to 90           80
Yield point (ksi):                    33                  40
Allowable str. (ksi):                16                  18               18

They could also be Rail Steel A16 which would have the same mechanical
requirements as the A15 Hard.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Subject:	1950 Rebar
> I am working on rehabilitating a 1950 concrete seawater intake structure
> that was designed per the 1946 Uniform Building Code.  The drawings call
> out for either 2500 psi or 3000 psi concrete and the rebar is called out
> as
> either square bar for deformed round bars.  Does any know what rebar
> grades
> were used in this time period?  I know 40 ksi rebar has been around for a
> long time but as grey as my hair is this is before my time.  I might add
> that this structure is in amazingly good shape with little deterioration.
> Goodos for our fathers and grandfathers.
> Thomas Hunt, S.E.
> Duke/Fluor Daniel